Trello is a system that is used to keep track of what needs to be done within the IT systems of UTN. The system self is simple enough. The IT board is divided in several sections:

  • Ideas, things that someone thought of that might be implemented
  • Maintenance, things that need to be done to keep the servers operational.
  • Issues, things that are wrong at the moment and need fixing.

Preferably all card are tagged with the right labels and in case necessary are equipped with a checklist of tasks to be completed. More complete descriptions and other extras are always appreciated.

Once a card is being worked on, it is moved into the I’m working on list. When waiting on replies or other external factors, move it to the Waiting on something list. And if a task is completed move it to a list Completed [MONTH] where [MONTH] is replaced by the current month. Once the tasks are added to the UTN documents, lists of older months can be archived.