Automatic Background Tasks

The journal system is designed with automated tasks to streamline operations and ensure compliance.

Renewal Reminders #

An automated email reminder is sent to users 10 days before their agreement expires. This reminder prompts them to renew their agreement with UTN’s klubbmästare to continue driving Bocken.

Gap Notification #

If a new journal entry indicates a higher start meter reading than the stop meter reading of the previous entry, a gap is identified. An email is automatically sent to UTN’s klubbmästare to address the discrepancy, usually caused by a missed journal entry after driving.

It’s important to resolve any gaps to prevent lost costs.

Expired Agreement Notification #

Users who create a journal entry with an expired agreement will receive a notification on the success page advising them to update their agreement. Additionally, UTN’s klubbmästare receives an email alert about the expired agreement.

Removing Old Reports #

For practical and GDPR compliance reasons, reports and their associated journal entries that are older than 1.5 years are automatically deleted from the system. This keeps the system free of outdated data.