Unicore, provided by Mecenat, is a critical membership system for Project Moore. It supplies important user information and membership status. This is particularly important for events where UTN members benefit from reduced prices. To create a UTN account or become a local superuser, one must be registered in the Unicore system. While UTN membership is not mandatory for account creation, completing registration is essential. The client code is available here. In other words, the UTN user and the Unicore user are distinct entities. For a person to sign up for a UTN account and become a UTN user, they must first be registered in the Unicore system.

Unicore Response Objects #

The User object and the Membership status object have specific structures.

The User object structure includes details such as the user’s name, social security number (SSN), contact information, and other relevant personal data:

    "Adress1": string,
    "Adress2": string,
    "Adress3": string,
    "AdressFromdatum": DateTime?,
    "AdressHandlid": int?,
    "AdressRegdatum": DateTime?,
    "AdressTomdatum": DateTime?,
    "Adressid": int?,
    "Adresstyp": int?,
    "Id": int,
    "Postnr": string,
    "Postort": string,
    "Alder": int?,
    "Avlidendatum": DateTime?,
    "Avplock": bool,
    "Efternamn": string,
    "Epost": string,
    "Fodelsedatum": DateTime?,
    "Fornamn": string,
    "Handlid": int,
    "Huvudpersonid": int,
    "Ingautskick": bool,
    "IngenMedlemstidning": bool,
    "Kvinna": bool,
    "Man": bool,
    "Medlemsnr": string,
    "Personnr": string,
    "Regdatum": DateTime?,
    "Sekretess": bool,
    "Tele1": bool,
    "Tele2": bool,
    "Tele3": bool,
    "Program": [
            "Benamning": string,
            "Handlid": int,
            "Regdatum": DateTime?,
            "Sokordid": int
    "Registrerad": bool,
    "Betalningdatum": DateTime?

The Membership status object contains information regarding the user’s current membership status with UTN, including whether the user is an active member:

    "Member": bool

Unicore API Endpoints #

Authentication for accessing the API endpoints is managed through Basic Auth. The endpoints that return a User object include:

  • https://unicorecustomapi.mecenat.com/utn/user/:ssn - Retrieves user information based on their social security number.
  • https://unicorecustomapi.mecenat.com/utn/user-by-id/:id - Retrieves user information based on their unique identifier.

The endpoint for obtaining the Membership status object is:

  • https://unicorecustomapi.mecenat.com/utn/is-member/:ssn - Provides the membership status of a user based on their social security number.

It would be beneficial to synchronize these two data sources in the future to streamline the user experience and administrative processes. For example, synchronization could be achieved by: (1) Implementing an API integration between UTN’s account management system and Unicore, where user data is automatically updated in real-time or through scheduled syncs. (2) Allowing single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, where users can use their Unicore credentials to access UTN services without needing separate login details. (3) Creating a middleware application that regularly checks for updates in the Unicore system and applies them to the corresponding UTN user profiles.