Waiter View

The Waiter View is a streamlined version of the Bar View, adapted for use on tablets by waiters during events where table service is provided and customers do not have direct access to the bar.

waiter view

Key Characteristics #

  • Compact Design: The interface is condensed to fit tablet screens, facilitating ease of use for waiters on the move.
  • Functionality: All the core functions of the Bar View are preserved, allowing waiters to take and manage orders directly from the tables.

Simplified Interface #

  • The Waiter View excludes the membership check field found in the Bar View, as this function is typically not required during table service.
  • Other than this omission, waiters can expect the same capabilities for order management, including viewing orders, adding menu items, modifying orders, and sending orders to the kitchen or bar for preparation.

By using the Waiter View, waiters can efficiently take customer orders at their tables, ensuring a smooth service experience during seated events.