Kitchen view

The kitchen view is intended to be displayed on either a tablet or a computer in areas with kitchen staff preparing food.

kitchen view

The kitchen view consists of three columns, representing three different order statuses: waiting, in progress and done. Orders can be moved between columns using the arrow buttons on each order. The placement of orders in the three columns corresponds to their representation in other views, meaning that if an order is moved from waiting to in progress in this view, the change will be visible in other views as well.

1. Organisation logotype

The logotype of whichever organisation you are signed in as. This can be pressed to return to the index view.

2. The waiting column

Orders in this column have been placed but have not yet begun being prepared. They are sorted by age in descending order, meaning that the top-most order is the oldest and should therefore be the first to be prepared. Pressing the arrow button on an order will move it into the in progress column.

3. The in progress column

Orders in this column are currently being prepared by the kitchen staff. Once the order is ready for pickup, kitchen staff can press the right-facing arrow button to move it into the done column. Should kitchen staff change their mind, the left-facing arrow can be pressed to move the order back into the waiting column.

The in progress column is meant to prevent someone else in the kitchen from preparing the same order, so strive to always move orders into the in progress column before you start preparing it.

4. The done column

Orders in this column have been prepared and are ready for pickup. This informs other staff that the order is ready to be delivered to customers, so that it may leave the kitchen as quickly as possible. Pressing the left-facing arrow button moves an order back into the in progress column, should it be necessary.

Once an order has been claimed by delivery staff (changing its status to in transit) or marked as delivered, it will be removed from this column.

5. Items waiting and in progress

The bottom-right corner of the kitchen view displays a summary of how many of each menu item is being prepared or has yet to be prepared. This can be used by kitchen staff to get an overview of how much food they need to prepare.

Keep an eye on this information during the event, so that you can tell bar staff to stop selling a particular menu item if you’ve run out of a certain ingredient in the kitchen, saving you from having to deliver bad news to a customer that has already paid for their order.