The Bocken journal system serves two main purposes:

  1. Traceability: It allows for monitoring of vehicle usage, recording who drove the car, when, and the distance covered.
  2. Costs: It tallies the total distance driven by each group (committees, workgroups, etc.) and calculates the associated costs.

The system is divided into two key components: user views and admin views. Each of these is described in greater detail in their respective sections.

User View #

Drivers of Bocken use the user view to log their trips in the digital journal after completing their journey. They input their personal details along with the starting and ending readings of the distance meter in the journey entry form.

Journey entry form

Admin View #

The admin view is primarily for generating reports, which summarize multiple journal entries within a specific timeframe. Reports enable administrators to assess the distance each group has driven and calculate the financial contributions required.

Admin views and their functionalities are further elaborated on in the dedicated chapters for administrators.