Hall of Fame

Throughout the years, UTN’s IT systems have evolved through the collaborative efforts of many dedicated individuals. Most of the people mentioned here have served as System Administrators at UTN, often also acting as Project Managers for the Digitalization Group (previously called the Digitalization Committee). The digital products and services provided by UTN have been entirely shaped by them. Here are some of their contributions:

  • Ludvig Aldén (2023/2024)
    Designed, developed and crafted content for the new UTN website in Webflow, revamped and unified the documentation with a fresh design consistent with the UTN website aesthetic, and created profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Robin Dymér (2023)
    Led the migration from Melos to Unicore.

  • Karl Löfqvist (2022/2023)
    Developed the new competence guide in React.

  • Maja Marminge (2022/2023)
    Details of contributions to be documented.

  • Noa Lech (2022)
    Details of contributions to be documented.

  • Johan Österling (2021-2022)
    Details of contributions to be documented.

  • Anton Fogelberg (2020-2021)
    Prevented the start of unnecessary projects and established a structured handover process for the Digitalization Committee.

  • Hanna Gjöthlén (2020-2021)
    Ensured the continuous operation of systems, restored lost databases, and helped prevent the start of unnecessary projects.

  • Daniel Fehrm (2018-2020)
    Switched GitHub to the free plan, implemented SSL certificates, added documentation guides, configured Postfix to use SMTP, served as the first Project Manager for the Digitalization Committee, introduced Cloudflare origin certificates, consolidated Google Suites, and set up email deliverability standards.

  • Johan Snider (2017-2018)
    Maintained system operability.

  • Jip J. Dekker (2016-2017)
    Introduced Ansible deployments, reorganized DNS with Cloudflare, transitioned servers to Digital Ocean, updated the UTN Registry to PHP7/PostgreSQL, developed the documentation web application, and initiated the Moore Project.

  • Martin Norlin (2012-2015)
    Created the Drupal 7-based UTN Website and event websites, and arranged the GleSYS server setup.

  • Adam Byström
    Co-developed the Drupal 7-based UTN Website.

  • Åke Lagercrantz & Niclas Edenvin
    Crafted pay.utn.se.

  • Per Enström (2011-2012)
    Information Officer
    Developed the first version of the Member Check and maintained the UTN Registry.

  • Patrik Sternudd (circa 2007)
    Head of Labour Market Affairs
    Creator of the UTN Registry.

Some records, especially those before 2016, may not be complete or could contain inaccuracies. If you can provide additional details or corrections, your input would be greatly appreciated to improve this historical record.

Many System Administrators have had great teams helping them. These teams include software developers and designers who have worked hard too. We can’t name everyone because there are so many people who have helped. If you helped with software or design, you can ask your project manager to write down what you did. This way, you can get credit for your work. UTN is really grateful for all the help from everyone. Your work has made a big difference. Thank you!