Membership Verification

UTN has updated its membership verification system to Unicore, provided by Mecenat. Unicore is now a vital component of Project Moore, offering user information and membership status. This is important for events where being a UTN member entitles you to discounted prices.

Membership verification can be accessed at

To create a UTN account or a local superuser account, being registered in the Unicore system is required.


Membership verification is also available through an API, which can be integrated with websites, apps, etc. For API usage, send a POST request to

Params #

The POST request should include a JSON object with a key/value pair of ssn and the individual’s ‘personnummer’ (social security number). The ‘personnummer’ should be formatted as either 10 or 12 digits, with an optional dash (-). Set the content type to “application/json”.

Example: {'ssn':'980102-1234'}

Response #

The API responds with a JSON string, and the appropriate HTTP status code will be set.

Success #

HTTP Status Code: 200

Response: { "is_member": true } or { "is_member": false }

Errors #

Internal Server Error #

HTTP Status Code: 500

Response: Empty

Bad Request #

HTTP Status Code: 400

Response: { "error": "Personnummer: A message describing the error" }