Google Workspace

UTN’s email is managed through Google Workspace, which allows UTN workers to access and share Google’s services within the organization. The key services relevant to UTN workers include:

  •, the UTN email service, analogous to Gmail.
  •, the UTN file storage service, similar to Google Drive.
  •, the UTN calendar service, comparable to Google Calendar.

Various committees manage their own Google Workspace accounts, primarily governed by the committees themselves, with some access by the system administrator. Committees with their own Google Workspaces account include MFK.

Admins can access Google Workspace settings via the admin panel using their UTN account.

Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite or Google Apps.

Account Policy #

UTN members who become officials are entitled to a Google Workspace account, which includes an “” email and 15 GB of storage for Google’s cloud services. Due to limited account availability, UTN has implemented a policy for account management.

Accounts are categorized as either position-bound (e.g., or person-bound (e.g.,, each with different management policies.

Position Bound Accounts #

Position bound accounts are retained and transferred to new position holders, who are responsible for removing irrelevant or personal data.

If a former position holder needs continued access, a temporary agreement should be established with the new holder.

Personal Accounts #

Personal accounts are also tied to the duration of a person’s UTN positions. The transition process includes:

  • Creating a new account for the successor.
  • Allowing the former holder two weeks (negotiable with the Information Officer) for cleanup tasks.
  • Transferring data to the new account before deleting the old one.
  • Adding an email alias to the new account to prevent loss of emails sent to the old address.

Single Sign-On #

UTN’s Google Workspace accounts can be used for authentication in various Drupal-based applications. The current configuration is operational, and the prevailing approach is: if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.