Contributors #

OrdSys was developed in the spring of 2020 by a team of contributors:

  • Albin Antti ( LinkedIn | GitHub)
  • Christoffer Wallén ( GitHub)
  • With assistance from Benjamin Angeria, Aliyawer Qambari, Daniel Fehrm, and the UTN digitalization group.

Purpose #

OrdSys was created to modernize the communication process between kitchen and bar staff. It allows for physical distancing between the bar and kitchen, as there is no longer a need to physically hand over post-it notes. This change aimed to improve the overall workflow.

Development History #

The concept for OrdSys emerged in June 2019 when the pub crew faced challenges with the existing order management system during the planning of 2019’s Battle of the Sections. The need for an outdoor bar to take food orders presented legal and logistical issues with the post-it note system.

In the summer of 2019, Albin Antti developed an initial version of OrdSys using Node with Express and Sockets. This early iteration was successfully tested during the Battle of the Sections and was well-received.

However, this version was a prototype lacking key features like authentication, scalability, and database management. The project took a significant turn when it was selected for a bachelor’s project in spring 2020. This is when Christoffer, Benjamin, and Aliyawer joined the project, supervised by the UTN SysAdmin, Daniel. They rebuilt the system using Django & PostgreSQL for the backend and Node & React for the frontend, creating a more robust solution.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 resulted in new restrictions and challenges, necessitating additional features for OrdSys. Albin and Christoffer continued to refine the system throughout the summer to meet the needs of the TD reception 2020. The result is the current version of OrdSys, which is actively used today.