Updating Drupal 7 with Drush

Introduction #

Drupal 7 comes with a built-in updater for maintaining the core and contributed modules. However, this built-in updater requires FTP access, which is not available since UTN uses SFTP. To update Drupal 7 installations, we use Drush, a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal.

Instructions #

  1. Access the server using SSH: ssh <your-username>@babbage.utn.se.

  2. Navigate to the directory containing the Drupal installation, typically the public folder: cd public.

  3. Execute the update with Drush: drush -y up.

Allow Drush to complete the process, and your Drupal website should be fully updated.

Before updating, review the release notes for each module to understand the changes. Some updates may require additional steps or modifications.