Drupal 7 Applications

All of UTN’s own websites are built on Drupal7. A custom template was created for these sites, allowing for customization by each committee. The main website features a top bar with links to all other UTN websites. This top bar is automatically included in all other websites.

Drush #

Drush, also known as Drupal Shell, is a tool for managing Drupal installations. It is installed on the server named Babbage. Although complete instructions are available in the documentation, the following commands are particularly useful:

  • drush core-status: Displays the status of Drupal core and location settings.
  • drush up: Updates Drupal core and modules, including the database.

Make sure you are in the public/ directory when using Drush.

Before installing new versions, Drush will automatically back up the existing code.

Creating a New Admin Account via Drush #

To create a new admin account with Drush, use the following commands:

  1. drush user-create username --mail="mail@example.se" --password="your_password"
  2. drush user-add-role "administrator" username

New Drupal 7 Website #

For instructions on setting up a new website with Drupal 7, refer to the guides.