UTN uses virtual servers hosted at DigitalOcean. These servers are managed and deployed using Ansible where applicable. Detailed information about the software on these servers is available in the Server Software chapter.

To determine the hosting locations of various pages, refer to the DNS settings on Cloudflare. Configuration settings are located in their default directories, such as /etc/nginx/sites-available/. Website files are stored in /var/www/. All servers operate on Ubuntu 18.04.

Babbage #

The Babbage server, addressed as, runs NGINX, PHP7, and MySQL. It primarily supports Drupal7-based applications and some custom PHP applications.

Moore #

The Moore server, known as, is equipped with NGINX and PostgreSQL. This server is designated for Project Moore and other Django-based applications.

Turing #

Turing server,, hosts PHP7, Node.js, NGINX, and PostgreSQL. It is primarily used for custom applications that require PostgreSQL or Node.js.