UTN registers its domain names at Loopia. We currently hold the following domain names:

  • es20.se - Used by the ES section for their 20 year celebration. This domain is payed by the ES section.
  • forsranningen.com
  • forsranningen.se
  • forsränningen.se
  • karsamverkan.se
  • kårsamverkan.se
  • naturvetarbalen.se
  • polhacks.se
  • recce.se
  • tdmottagningen.se
  • utn.se
  • utnarm.com
  • utnarm.se

Most DNS entries are thus also managed at Loopia, except for utn.se, utnarm.se and es20.se which are managed at CloudFlare. This means that the subdomain records for them at loopia don’t have any effect and don’t work.