UTN’s domain names are registered through Loopia. Access to manage these domains is held by the Information Officer. The following is a list of domains owned by UTN:

  • es20.se - This domain is utilized by the ES section for their 20-year celebration and is funded by the ES section itself.
  • forsranningen.com
  • forsranningen.se
  • forsränningen.se
  • karsamverkan.se
  • kårsamverkan.se
  • naturvetarbalen.se
  • polhacks.se
  • recce.se
  • tdmottagningen.se
  • utn.se
  • utnarm.com
  • utnarm.se

While most DNS records for these domains are managed at Loopia, the DNS records for utn.se, utnarm.se, and es20.se are controlled via CloudFlare. As a result, any subdomain records for these particular domains set at Loopia will not take effect and are inoperative.