Handing Over

This guide is intended specifically for the system administrator of UTN.

There may come a time when a system administrator needs to pass on their responsibilities to a successor. The following steps are designed to ensure a smooth transition.

Handover Checklist #

When transferring the role to a new administrator, ensure the following actions are taken:

Admin Access and Orientation #

The incoming admin must be granted access to and be familiarized with the following accounts and services:

  • Google Account ( admin@utn.se), which provides access to:
    • Cloudflare
    • Digital Ocean
    • Sentry
  • GitHub (UTNkar organization, should be given owner status)
  • Project Moore (must be granted admin rights through the Wagtail interface)
  • The Facebook page “Digitaliseringsgruppen”
  • The Instagram account “digitaliseringsgruppen”

Server Access and Administration #

The incoming admin must also obtain SSH access to the servers and an admin account on each server:

  • The new admin should generate an SSH key, which the current admin will add via Ansible.
  • The current admin logs into the servers via SSH and creates a new account for the new admin:
    • Use adduser [username] to create the new user.
    • Use usermod -aG sudo [username] to grant admin privileges.
  • Verify that the new admin can SSH into the server and escalate to root using sudo su.

Ansible Setup #

The incoming admin must set up Ansible on their local machine:

  • Install Ansible following the instructions here. For Windows users, WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) can be used to install Ansible.
  • Follow the installation instructions for the UTN Ansible repository detailed here.

Documentation Editing #

The new admin should install Hugo to manage the documentation. Instructions for installing Hugo can be found here.

Awareness and Security #

The new admin should be conscious of the following:

  • Access should be granted strictly on a need-to-know basis. Exercise caution with user permissions.
  • There is a mailing group it-gang@utn.se that reaches all IT responsible individuals in UTN’s committees. Use this for communications related to IT matters.

By following these steps, the new system administrator should be well-equipped to take over the role effectively.