Project Moore is a web application developed using Django and Wagtail. Django is a high-level Python web framework that manages user requests and serves content. Wagtail, a content management system (CMS) built on Django, provides an array of out-of-the-box features for Moore and allows for extensive customization. The website’s administrative interface is powered by the Wagtail CMS.

Background #

Since 2008, the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students has used register.utn.se (the Registry) for application management and union membership. However, the Registry was not intended for such prolonged use, and its stability has been compromised over time. Consequently, the need for a new, more reliable system became clear.

In 2017, the union board initiated a project to create a new application system, apply.utn.se (Apply). This document serves as an instructional manual for the system, guiding users, admins, and developers. Developers seeking in-depth information should consult the system documentation available on the UTN GitHub account.

Hosting of the System #

Project Moore is an open-source system hosted on GitHub, which can be accessed here: https://github.com/UTNkar. The project is part of the repository named Moore within the UTN GitHub organization, which includes various IT projects of the union. Each project, such as Moore, resides in its own repository. GitHub is used for its version control capabilities, and the platform encourages all union-involved students to contribute and further develop the projects. The union’s system administrator oversees system updates and serves as the liaison for students wishing to contribute to the system. Detailed documentation on the system is also available on GitHub.