Automatic background tasks

The journal system comes with some automatic background tasks.

Renewal reminders

When an agreement will expire in 10 days, an automatic email is sent out to the user reminding them that if they want to continue driving Bocken, they need to contact UTN:s klubbmästare.

Gap notification

When a journal entry is created, it can detect if the meter at start is larger than the meter at stop in the previous journal entry. If that is the case, a gap has occured and an email is sent to UTN:s klubbmästare so that the gap can be fixed. This is most likely due to someone forgetting to add a journal entry when they finished driving.

Gaps must be fixed in order to avoid lost costs!

Expired agreement notification

If a user creates a journal entry but has an expired agreement, they will get a message on the success page saying that they need to update their agreement.

An email is also sent to UTN:s klubbmästare.

Removing old reports

Reports that are older than 1,5 years are automatically deleted along with all journal entries that belong to it. This is to avoid having very old reports and journal entries just lying and also GDPR reasons.