Member registry

The union uses a member registry called Melos which is managed by USMOS. It is a joint system used by the nations and unions in Uppsala. Melos features an API for retreiving a user from the member registry and checking if a person is a member of UTN or not. The system administrator has more details on how to use this api. The information officer also has the ability to access the member registry.

The old registry described below ( has been deprecated in favor of the unions new member system MELOS and should be removed.

The UTN registry website is a terribly old custom web application created to keep track of the number of members that UTN has and how they are distributed among the sections. It is also used for applications of to the positions available within UTN and it keeps track of the held positions of the members.

The application was ported to a new system(NGINX, PHP7, PostgreSQL) in the summer of 2016 and is since contained in the register repository, that can be found in the GitLab group. Note that the application is only brought into workable state, it is a plain PHP application that is rather insecure (plain passwords in code, no framework). However, with a bit of discretion it should do until an alternative can be found.

The application itself requires a few tasks being added to cron:

23,43 * * * * /usr/bin/wget --no-check-certificate --timeout=0 -P /tmp -q --delete-after
12 * * * * /usr/bin/wget --no-check-certificate --timeout=0 -P /tmp -q --delete-after

These tasks ensure that e-mails are send and perform general maintenance tasks on the system.