File Access (FileZilla)

If you don’t like accessing your website’s files through ssh and scp, you might want to use a GUI. The following steps should be followed to access the files using FileZilla.

  1. Install and open FileZilla.

  2. Open the Site Manager and click New Site.

  3. You need to change the following settings

  • Enter the server Host
  • Select the SFTP protocol
  • Select the Key file logon type
  • Enter your User
  • Enter the location of your Key file New Site
  1. Now click Connect.

  2. You’ll prompted with the question to convert the key. You should click yes, and save the converted key in a convenient location. Convert Key

  3. You’ll get prompted for the password used for the key pair, enter the password.

  4. You should now be connected to the UTN server.