Digital Ocean

UTN currently hosts virtual servers at DigitalOcean. These servers are managed/deployed using Ansible, for as far as this is possible. The software on these servers is further explained in Server Software.

To see which pages are hosted where, check the DNS on cloudflare. All settings can be found in their default positions .(e.g., /etc/nginx/sites-available/). The files for the apps are found in /var/www/. All servers run Ubuntu 18.04.


The Babbage server, is installed with NGINX, PHP7 and MySQL. It mainly runs Drupal7-based applications but also hosts some custom PHP applications.


The Moore server, is installed with NGINX and Postgresql. It is home to Project Moore and other django-based applications. The


The Turing server, is installed with PHP7, nodejs, NGINX and PostgreSQL. It mainly hosts custom applications that requires postgresql or nodejs.