The journal system for Bocken exists because of two purposes:

  1. Traceability: We can keep track of who drove the car when and how far they drove it
  2. Costs: We can record how much each group(committee, workgroup etc.) has driven in total and calculate how much they should pay.

The journal system consits of two major parts: The user views and the admin views. Below is a brief introduction of the two. These views are explained more thorough in their respective chapters.

User view

In the journal system, users who drive Bocken can enter their journey into the journal when they have finished driving. They do this in the form by filling in their details and what the distance meter was at the start and at the end.

entry form

Admin view

The admin view is primarily used to create reports which is a collection of several journal entries between two timestamps. The report gives the administrators the possibility to see how much each group has driven and how much they should pay.