Handing over the Admin position


This guide is only for the system administrator.

There comes a time when the admin must step down from their position and allow for a new person to take their place.

Handing Over

When handing over the position, the following things must be done

The new admin must get access to as well as a tour of the following:

  • Digital Ocean (Must be set as an owner)
  • Cloudflare
  • Glesys
  • Sentry
  • Google Account (drive, mail etc.)
  • Github (Must be set as an owner)
  • Project moore (Must become an admin)
  • The UTN facebook app at developers.facebook.com
  • The TODO document on the drive
  • The google account app@utn.se

The new admin must get ssh access to the servers aswell as an admin account on every server:

  • The new admin must create a new ssh key which the old admin adds via ansible
  • The old admin uses ssh to log in to the servers and creates a new account for the new admin, one server at the time.
    • adduser [username]
    • usermod -aG sudo [username]
  • Test if the new admin can ssh into the server and become root by using sudo su

The new admin must also setup ansible on his/her computer:

  • Install ansible. Instructions can be found here. If the new admin uses windows, they can use ubuntu for windows to install ansible.
  • Follow the installation instructions for the UTN ansible repository

The new admin should also do the follwing things:

The admin should also be aware of the following things:

  • Only those who should have access, shall have access
  • There is a mail group called it-gang@utn.se that reaches out to all IT responsible people in UTN:s committees