Google Suite

UTN’s e-mail is managed in Google Suite. Through this service, UTN workers can use all of Google’s services and share their use within the UTN organization. The services that should be of particular interest to the UTN workers are the following:

Various committees govern their own Google Suite account. Although the system administrator has access to some of these, they are mostly governed by the committees themselves. The committees with their own Google Suites account are:

  • MFK

As an admin of the Google Suite organization, you will be able to access the settings of Google Suite through the admin panel, login using your UTN account.

Google Suite used to be called Google Apps.

Account Policy

Within UTN all members that acquire a position as an official for UTN are allowed to have a Google Suite account. A Google Suite account allows the user to have a “” e-mail address and use 15 GB of memory for Google’s cloud services. However because of the limited number of accounts available, for the sake of clarity in administration, and to keep the data available among the UTN officials, the following policy is used to govern the Google Suite accounts.

The accounts for UTN are split in two categories: accounts that bound to a specific position(e.g.,, and accounts that are bound to a specific person (e.g., For each of these accounts a different policy is in place.

Position Bound Accounts

Position bound accounts are never deleted, whenever a new person enters the position, the account is transferred to this person. It is up to the former holder of the position to remove files, e-mails, and other data that is no longer relevant or of a personal nature.

Should the former holder of a position require continued access to the Google Suite account, a mutually agreeable temporary arrangement should be formed between the people involved.

Personal Accounts

Like position bound accounts, the availability of the personal accounts is to the extent of the position(s) that that person holds within UTN. However, due to fact that there is no need to use that specific account the transferring process is a bit different compared to position bound accounts. Once a new person takes over the position, the following steps are followed:

  • A new account is created for the new UTN official.
  • The former position holder will receive 2 weeks to perform cleanup tasks (more or less time could be agreed upon with the information officer)
  • The data of the personal account is transferred to the new account, and the old account is deleted.
  • An alias is added to the new account so no e-mail send to the old account will be lost.

Single Sign On

The Google Suite accounts can for various Drupal-based applications be used to authenticate. As of the current moment the way in which the settings are arranged is working, but the settings themselves aren’t accessible. The current strategy is thus: if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.