Member Check

UTN has a system to check if a person is a member or not. This system uses the unions new member system (MELOS).

The member check can be found at

This database (and thus this information) is soon-to-be depricated. The DK is not actively working on Melos, member-check updates will be postponed until Upright is phased in.


The member check is also available as an api and can be used from a website, app etc. To use the api, send a POST request to


In the POST request you must send a JSON object with key/value pair: ssn/‘personnummer_of_the_person’ and the content type must be set to “application/json”. The social security number can be either 10 or 12 digits. A dash (-) is optional.



The response will always have the form of a JSON string. The http status code will also be set accordingly. The various responses are described below


Http Status Code: 200

Response: {is_member: true|false};


Internal server error

Http Status Code: 500

Response: Empty


Bad request

Http Status Code: 400

Response: {error: "Personnummer: A message describing the error"}