Project Moore is an web application that was build using Django and Wagtail. Django is a Python web framework. It provides the basic structure for the application and handles all interactions between receiving a user request and serving the content. Wagtail is a CMS system built on top of Django. It provides a lot of functionality for Moore out-of-the-box and is very extendible. The administration part of the website is part of the Wagtail CMS.


Uppsala union of engineering and science students has since 2008 used register.utn.se (the Registry) to manage applications and membership in the union. The Registry was never intended to be used for the long period of time that its been in use for. The lack of maintenance has made the system unstable and the need for a new and better system is apparent.

During 2017 the union board decided to start a new project to build a new application system; apply.utn.se (Apply). This document will be an instruction manual for the new sytem for both users admin’s and developers. Developers will need to go deeper in the system documentation on the UTN GitHub account.

Hosting of the system

The system is an open source system that can be accessed via GitHub on the following link: https://github.com/UTNkar. Apply is part of the project named moore. GitHub is a host for the version management system Git. The UTN organisation on GitHub contains all the unions diferent IT projects and each project (ex. Moore) is contained in a repository. The idea behind using GitHub is that all students involved in the union can contribute to the system and continue to develop the projects. The union’s system administrator is responsible for all updates of the system and is the contact point for students that want contribute to the system. On GitHub you can find further and more detailed documentation on the system.