What is the registration system?

The Union has a several events which require some sort of application and are typically associated with a raffle. For this purpose, the Digitalization committee has developed a website aptly named the registration system. It is intended to replace the old registration systems of the Puzzle Hunt Rally, The River Rafting event and The Natural Science Ball. Other committees and workgroups within the Union can also begin work to use the registration system to do so, contact the digitalization committee.


The registration system is designed to allow site administrators (i.e each committees IT-responsible person) to easily facilitate and manage application and distribution of event spots as needed by each respective event. This is achieved by allowing users to submit applications, as well as create and manage their teams and payment.

User flow

Users begin by submitting raffle entries to participate in the next raffle. From there the site administrator can give out spots to raffle participators. Winners can register an account, which automatically forms a team for the user. The user can then invite other users to join their team. Finally, users can pay for their team and participation through the website.