Raffle entries


A raffle entry is submitted by a user who wants to participate in a raffle. If a user wants to partake in, for example, the River rafting event, they will have to submit a raffle entry. Raffle entries are submitted to the registration system by visiting /register and filling in a form. The form may also be reachable through the main page. Raffle entries can only be submitted during a certain time window specified by the site administrator. For example, the river rafting event may only allow raffle entries to be submitted prior to the river rafting pub typically held in February.

In the registration system codebase, the RaffleEntry model represents a single raffle entry. Extensions and modifications of the RaffleEntry model should not be done directly, but rather through creating subclasses (which should also be subtypes!) that derive from RaffleEntry.


Raffle entries have an associated state, depending on user actions, if raffles have been held, and what the result was for a single raffle.

  • New raffle entries start out as having mail unconfirmed, until the user clicks the link sent by the system to the mail they provided.
  • Confirmed raffle entries are by default waiting until a raffle has been held.
  • Once a raffle has been held, a raffle entry is either won or lost.
    • Raffle entry holders who have won can claim their place, making them accepted.
    • Raffle entry holders who have won but not claimed their place until the next raffle are made lost.
    • Raffle entry holders who have won but decline their place are made declined, which is a final state.
  • Raffle entry holders who have lost can reapply, once again putting them in waiting.
  • Raffle entry holders who are accepted will be able to register an account, making them confirmed, which is a final state.

Currently, there is no mechanism to punish or otherwise correct participants who have claimed their place but not created their account. In such an event, the event hosts should contact the participant in question.