Unicore is a membership system provided my mecenat, which is essential for project moore since it provides user information and membership status, which is especially important for events since prices are cheaper when you are a UTN member. It is required to be in the Unicore system to create a UTN account or a superuser locally. Note that you do not have to be a member of UTN to create an account, but registration is necessary. The code for the client is found here.

Unicore response objects

The User object is defined as

    "Adress1": string,
    "Adress2": string,
    "Adress3": string,
    "AdressFromdatum": DateTime?,
    "AdressHandlid": int?,
    "AdressRegdatum": DateTime?,
    "AdressTomdatum": DateTime?,
    "Adressid": int?,
    "Adresstyp": int?,
    "Id": int,
    "Postnr": string,
    "Postort": string,
    "Alder": int?,
    "Avlidendatum": DateTime?,
    "Avplock": bool,
    "Efternamn": string,
    "Epost": string,
    "Fodelsedatum": DateTime?,
    "Fornamn": string,
    "Handlid": int,
    "Huvudpersonid": int,
    "Ingautskick": bool,
    "IngenMedlemstidning": bool,
    "Kvinna": bool,
    "Man": bool,
    "Medlemsnr": string,
    "Personnr": string,
    "Regdatum": DateTime?,
    "Sekretess": bool,
    "Tele1": bool,
    "Tele2": bool,
    "Tele3": bool,
    "Program": [
            "Benamning": string,
            "Handlid": int,
            "Regdatum": DateTime?,
            "Sokordid": int
    "Registrerad": bool,
    "Betalningdatum": DateTime?

The Membership status object is defined as

    "Member": bool

Unicore API-endpoints

Authentication for the following endpoints is of type Basic Auth. The endpoints that return a User object are

https://unicorecustomapi.mecenat.com/utn/user/:ssn https://unicorecustomapi.mecenat.com/utn/user-by-id/:id

The endpoint that returns the membership status object is