Hall of Fame

If you are developing the UTN IT systems, you’re treading where many have gone before. Although these heroes have tried to make your life as easy as possible, some things may not have been included in the documentation. So both in the sense of “Credit where credit is due”, and as a form of history keeping, here follows a list of UTN’s IT heroes and their merits.

Anton Fogelberg - (2020-2021)

Project manager Digitalization committee - contact: [e-mail]

  • Made sure no stupid projects were started
  • Set up a structured “skifte” for Digitalization committee

Hanna Gjöthlén - (2020-2021)

Vice project manager Digitalization committee and System Administrator - contact: [e-mail]

  • Kept making sure things were running
  • Successfully restored lost databases
  • Assisted in not starting any new stupid projects

Daniel Fehrm - (2018-2020)

System Administrator - contact: [e-mail]

  • Downgraded github to the free plan
  • Added SSL certificates to the sites hosted on GleSys
  • Added Guides to the documentation
  • Changed so that postfix uses SMTP
  • Became the first project manager for Digitalization committee
  • Introduced cloudflare origin certificates instead of using certbot
  • Migrated all separate Google suites to the unions main Google suite
  • Setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all domains for better email deliverability

Johan Snider - (2017-2018)

System Administrator - contact: [e-mail]

  • Made sure things kept running

Jip J. Dekker - (2016-2017)

System Administrator - contact: [www; e-mail]

  • Introduced Ansible Deployments
  • Restructured DNS using CloudFlare
  • Migrated servers to Digital Ocean
  • Converted the UTN Registry to use PHP7/PostgreSQL
  • Creator of the documentation web application
  • Founded the Moore Project
    • Created the new application system
    • Created basic modules necessary to create a new home page

Martin Norlin - (2012-2015)

System Administrator - contact: [e-mail]

  • Creator of the Drupal 7-based UTN Website
  • Creator of the Drupal 7-based Event Websites
  • Set up the GleSYS server structure

Adam Byström

contact: [e-mail]

  • Co-creator of the Drupal 7-based UTN Website

Åke Lagercrantz & Niclas Edenvin

Per Enström - (2011-2012)

Information officer 2011-2012 - contact: [e-mail]

  • Creator of first version of Member check (based on UTN Registry)
  • Maintenance work on the UTN Registry

Patrik Sternudd - (2007?)

Head of Labour Market Affairs - contact: [LinkedIn]

  • Creator of the UTN Registry

Due to lack of documentation before 2016, information might be lacking or incorrect; contributions are welcome!