For some applications within the UTN infrastructure our preferred database is used, PostgreSQL. This database is preferred because of its efficiency, availability, and superior system tooling. Most applications using a PostgreSQL database are automatically deployed using Ansible, and configurations for those database users and databases should be done within the Ansible repository.

Useful Commands

PostgreSQL automatically creates a standard user with the root rights for the databases on the server, named postgres. This user does not have a password, thus sudo -upostgres should be used to run postgreSQL commands.

The following commands are useful when working with PostgreSQL:

  • psql [database], enter the command line interface of PostgreSQL.
  • createuser -P, create a new PostgreSQL user (with password).
  • dropuser [username], remove user from PostgreSQL.
  • createdb --encoding=UNICODE --owner=[username] [database], create a unicode database owned by specified user.
  • dropdb [database], remove database from the server.

Further reading