Admin menu

Involvement Admin Menu

Under the menu tab involvement there is a sub menu containing the following tabs:

  • Teams – Handles creation of groups and committees, here you can add new teams and edit existing ones.

  • Roles – Handles creation and editing of roles in groups and committees. Here you enter role descriptions, names and contact information.

  • Positions – Opening roles for application and managing election. You never delete old positions since this is where statistics of union involvement is stored. You always create a new position when its time to appoint new persons to a role.

  • Applications – Manual managing of applications. This tab is only used in special occasions, be careful. Only application administrators can see this tab.

The application system is separated into the four above parts, teams, roles, positions, applications. Understanding these parts is important when using the system. It’s based on how the union handles involvement. The following headlines will contain a detailed description on how to create and edit teams, roles, positions and how to manage election.

Adding, editing, inspecting teams

Team Window

When in the team window you will see something similar to the picture above. To add a team you click the button “ADD TEAM”. To inspect who currently is appointed to a team you hold the cursor over the team and click “INSPECT”. To edit the team information hold the cursor over the team and click “EDIT”.

Add/Edit Team

If you click add team you will enter the new team window. When editing you see the same window.

To add a new team fill out all information. The drop down list called group handles the administrative rights for the team. Chose the group named correspondingly to the team name. If the group does not exist you must create one under settings (See settings instructions). The contact information should be the person or team that manages the election of team officials.

Adding and editing roles

Roles Window

When in the roles window you will see something similar to the picture above. In this window you can add and edit roles. To the right in the window you can see a filter function, here you can filter the roles connected to a specific team listed in the column. In the bottom of the filter column you can chose to show old archived roles if you want to reinstate or read about old roles. Never delete a role, archive it instead, unless you made a mistake when creating a new role.

To edit a role hold the cursor over the role and click “EDIT”. To add a new role click “ADD ROLE” in the upper right corner.

Add/Edit Role

When adding roles you will enter the new role window showed in the above picture. (Editing and adding is a similar process) To add a new role fill out all information in the new role window. Always chose the team that the role belongs too. If the new role is an official check the box “Official”. If you want to archive an old role check the box “Archived”.

Adding and editing positions

Managing election follows in the next section of this document

Position Window

When in the positions window you will see something similar to the picture above. In this window you handle election (Nest section) and opening up roles for application. When positions are available an INSPECT button will appear, there you can see a preview of submitted applications. To add a position click at the “ADD POSITION” button. To edit a position hold the cursor over the position and click “EDIT”.

Add/Edit Position

When in the add positions window you will see something similar to the picture above. (Editing and adding is a similar process) In the drop down list “Role” chose the role you want to make available for application. In the box “Number of appointments” chose how many that can have the same role at the same time. In the calendars “Date of appointment” and “End date of appointment” you chose the term of office.

If you want an approving committee you can chose a team in the “Approval committee” drop down list. Usually this only is necessary for applications to the board and management team. If you don’t need an approving committee don’t chose any team. The two calendars “Start of recruitment” and “Recruitment deadline” defines the time period in witch the position is open for application. If no application has come in during the original application time you must edit the position and extend the deadline date. This can be done either by editing or by the automatic email sent you reminding you to prolong the application period. Extra comments shows a small message to the applicant. Use the extra comment for year specific information.

When adding a position you will open up a role for application, each position is unique even if it refers to the same role. The persons appointed to a specific position will always be appointed to the position even after their term of office has ended, but their administrative rights will end at the same time as their term of office. When a person looks at their application window they will see the year they were appointed to the position. Never delete or edit an old position, old positions work as statistics for involvement in the union! Only edit if there is something wrong with it or if you want to prolong the application period, don’t change the term of office to make it available for application again if someone already is appointed!

Approving and appointing persons to a position

When the recruitment deadline has passed it is time to appoint a person to a position, this can be done either with or without an approval committee depending on if the position had an approval committee or not. Do not try to appoint someone before the application deadline has ended.

Position Window

If you are the approval committee you hold the cursor over the position you want to approve and click “APPROVE”. If you are an official who wants to appoint someone you hold the cursor over the position and click “APPOINT”. If the position has an approval committee you can not appoint until the committee has approved the positions applicants.

Approval Window

When you enter the approval window you will see something similar to the picture above. Here you can see all the applicants, their resume and some additional information. In the drop down list “Status” you can chose either “Approved” or “Disapproved” for each candidate. More than one person can be approved. The warning message that can be seen in the above picture appears if you try to approve someone during the application period.

Appointment Window

When in the appointment window you will see something similar to the above picture. In this window you can see all approved applicants (or all applicants if no approval committee). Here you can see the applicants resume and some additional information. To appoint someone you mark the check box Appoint. You can appoint the number of persons that has been stated for the position. The text box overturn should only be used in special occasions. Use overturn when someone has not been able to apply but should still be appointed to the position. You overturn by entering the persons person number. Only registered users can be appointed with overturn. The warning text visible in the above picture appears if you try to appoint someone when the position is still available for application.